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automatic deployment of the slats

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automatic deployment of the slats


Machine that represents the evolution of the model STRETTOMATIK.
Charger / automatic distribution of cues on single or double row.
Fully automatic allows you to quickly assemble shutters, doors and windows also presquadrate.
Through the control panel, equipped with a touch-screen monitor with dedicated software, you can choose between the various types of assembly (altitude, pressure ...) and
automatically determine the step-by-scoop.
Handling chuck screw of the longitudinal bars ensure greater precision in the assembly and, by means of ground guides with double shoe ball, will avoid friction and consequent wear of the brackets and the bars themselves.
Finally, a pneumatic arm equipped with suction cups allow the discharge of the wing on a
Side roller conveyor for the control (cleaning glue) and the evacuation of the same.


Dimensions: Length 1550 mm; Width 700 mm; Height 1650 mm;

Measures up to 3000 x 1300 mm working
Minimum size of 400 x 400 mm work
Feed motor 0.18 Kw unloading pallets
Engine vertical closure Kw 1.3 Kw
Engine shutdown horizontal Kw 3.3 Kw
Movements in mechanical screws
Sliding beams and brackets on ground guides with double shoe ball
Pneumatic clutch adjustable independent
Commands on the context machine equipped with a PLC with touch screen monitor with dedicated software
Manual controls placed on the mobile keypad
Centralized lubrication of screws
Arm displacement variable speed automatic complete with charger vertical distribution of the slats
Lifting arm with suction cups for the discharge of the Persian assembled
Lateral support for the stacking of the shutters
Two racks variable pitch to facilitate assembly of the shutter

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Request information and price about this product: STRETTOMATIK MCN

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