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Bausola srl
e Hobby Legno

Corso Gen. Volpini, 103
14057 Isola d'Asti (AT) ITALY
Tel +39 0141 95.81.95
Fax +39 0141 95.89.22

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With decades of experience (starting in 1980) behind us we can now offer large and numerous proposals on the market: both designed and built by us, or just designed by us and then constructed by other companies with whom we have worked for years, or found on the market after careful research. We can therefore easily deliver optimal solutions for window frames, especially in shutter construction, for which specialised machines patented by us, or for furnishings where we can secure the cooperation of prestigious brands.

We also guarantee good technical support to those who want to "take their first steps" in woodworking, offering personalised solutions for both equipment and machinery. Last but not least we can offer the support of good technicians, including after the sale.

We therefore consider ourselves ready to offer the elusive challenge: "try it for yourself and you will see".



Bausola srl - Corso Gen. Volpini, 103 - 14057 Isola d'Asti (AT) ITALY
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Tel. +39 0141 95.81.95 - email: bausola@bausola.com

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