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We are looking for used CNC machines, electronic edgebanders and horizontal panel saws.

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The equipment must be in good condition and must also guarantee value for the next user.

The second-hand sector can be an excellent and valid alternative to the new:


prompt delivery

no more emissions into the environment for the production of new equipment

We also guarantee technical advice at every stage of the product search, sales and service process for the second-hand sector. This is why we always spare no effort in giving advice and suggestions on the basis of the machining required by customers who contact us.

We will also assist you in the after-sales phase related to finding accessories and machine spare parts.

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Clear agreements - lasting friendship! 👋

Clarity about the price and quality of the product for which we are intermediaries is essential to ensure the transaction is concluded in the best possible way, thereby satisfying all parties involved.

Our method is simple:



you contact us



we evaluate your product



we buy it and pay you



we collect it



we resell it


we guarantee after-sales service for the new user

Do you have a used woodworking machine?

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Our direct relationship with our customers enables us to assist them quickly compared to large multinational companies

Since we believe in the valuable European fabric of SMEs in the wood and composite materials sector, because one of our main goals is to “invest to grow” both in ourselves – with continual training – and in the customers who choose our professionalism and reliability, we offer the possibility to help you in accessing credit with leasing, loans or rentals.

Used machines wanted

Are you a carpenter?
Do you have a joinery?

When you want to sell a machine contact us and get an offer from our company, an industry leader for over 40 years!

guaranteed, excellent condition, second-hand equipment 

assured payment on collection

dedicated after-sales service


Plants and wood
working machines

Assistance and contacts

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Corso G.B. Volpini, 103
14057 – Isola d’Asti (AT)

+39 0141 95 81 95

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