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Do not allow limits to be placed on production for lack of space.

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Bausola Production

Discover the products of our production.
They come from real market needs and adapt to every need of your laboratory.

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New machines

The selection of the best machinery and the internal production of woodworking equipment.

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The programs dedicated specifically to CNC woodworking and all the training you need.

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Used equipment

Machines regenerated and overhauled. Reliable and cheap.

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Tools and hobbies

Tooling and small instrumentation for woodworking.

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Latest machineries



Automatic cycle of cutting and chamfering.
Possibility of selecting many typologies in order to optimise  (min waste, max length...).
Full of:
Vertical loader for louvers
Clamp pusher
Defect reading and self measurement of piece length
Upper blade
Returning of cut-off pieces to the operator with storage under the loader top
Automatic cutting-...

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FELDER - FORMAT4 exact 63

Surfacing planers / Thicknessing planer

630 mm planing width meets every requirement!
Whether it’s in a carpenter’s workshop, in workshops where solid wood is machined or in the field of modern cabinet-making – the performance of the Format-4 thicknesser exact 63 is astounding. Maximum performance, easy operation and individual machine options available at a low investment price, guarantee perfect planing resu...

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FELDER - c-tech profit H08 - 13.25

CNC c-tech

CNC-Nesting - Efficiency in the smallest of spaces
The profit H08 from Format-4 is the CNC machining centre for professional nesting applications in the smallest of spaces. Designed specifically for universal purposes, the high precision and productivity achieved when processing varying materials particularly impresses about this profit making all-rounder.

  • ...

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Assembly bench for frames

A perfect bench for the assembly of frames, doors and windows made of wood and aluminum.
Through the special flyer it allows you to tighten the side to the struts with a tightening force distributed evenly throughout the structure.
Horizontal closing self-centred.
The brackets are drilled at 90 degrees in order to be able to insert nails, staples or fixing screws.
Content in th...

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FELDER - FORMAT4 creator 950 premium

CNC / Pantographs

Complete processing for interior design in only 5 m²
The creator 950 in a variety of equipment options – your CNC machine for individual requirements and challenges.

Efficient CNC processing at a fair price, this is the goal of the creator machine series. All models are equipped with the most modern CNC technology and can be adapted to specific needs with individ...

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FELDER - FORMAT4 tempora F800 60.12 e-motion


Saving you time is our motivation
Time, the most important resource in a modern workshop was one of the main focuses whilst developing the new tempora machine concept. Processing edges needs to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the tempora model combines the key characteristics of speed, productivity, flexibility and user comfort in a convincing com...

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FELDER - FORMAT4 profit H350 - 16.30

CNC / Pantographs

Five axes for universal workshops
It is universal workshops in particular where 5 axes technology is becoming increasingly important. With just a few standard tools, a large as possible range of uses has to be covered, in order to keep the cost of investment in special units and milling tools as low as possible. The new profit H350 Format-4 CNC Machining Centre covers these re...

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FELDER profit H22

CNC / Pantographs

2 commuter workspaces.
6 support surfaces with 2-circuit tube-free suction system, 100 mm suction height.
Axis C as the fourth standard interpolating axis (360 degrees) with compressed air connections for aggregates.
Mounted under the beam, it allows a very fast tool change cycle and provides easy access for the operator.
Triple stock pick-up tools for a tool diameter up to 270...

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Everything your carpentry needs.

Bausola machines adapt easily to every production company: from the small artisan workshop to the large carpenters.

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Small processing and hobby workshops that need professional tools.

small carpenters

Professional workshops of small and medium size, with various needs.

Special machines

Companies or craftsmen who need tools for very specific needs.

Integrations in production chains

Large manufacturing companies in the wood, for the development of more modern and efficient supply chains.

To the satisfaction of our customers.

From 1980 to the carpentry service.



Ethics, professionalism, fairness and responsibility are the cornerstones of the relationship between Bausola and every customer.



Loving your work is the basis on which we founded our company.



The strong belief for continuous and constant improvement finds incessant implementation in the working system of our entire team.


Team spirit

Everyone feels protagonists of the change process and cooperate with Bausola team to achieve the results.

The new way to grow together.


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